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Universities where you can study psychology

One of the foremost factors while choosing a university is its distinction and strength in your subject area. The enchanting life that university offers should not be the fundamental aspect of making this decision.

For those who want studying psychology at university have amazing institutes around the world. But primarily it is imperative that you decide, whether you want a degree from an internationally renowned university, whether you are ready to move and have sufficient funds available.

Higher education has issued a ranking of psychology teaching universities around the globe for 2020, and most of them are U.S. based. The ranking is formed on the basis of around 13 performance criteria such as business, educational, animal, sports and clinical psychology. If you are in the States and interested in studying psychology, you are blessed.

The following is the top few universities that you as a psychology student may consider:

Stanford University

The number one ranking of this university is based on the fact that it has got the best faculty for both undergraduate and doctoral students. Studying psychology at Stanford University should be your prime goal because the university is dedicated to training scientists who will contribute to theories and get acquainted with such information that can solve real problems.

University of Princeton

Here the department of psychology is a Noble Prize winner with over thirty active faculty members. Would you mind becoming a part of such an academic institution that has unearthed significant scientific facts and has nurtured world high stature psychologists and neuroscientists?

University of Pennsylvania

This institution has the world's oldest department of psychology in North America. Plenty of university students qualify for scholarships to carry out research with the top psychology experts. The faculty members have made distinctions in their fields whereas the university owns investment in research is tremendous.

UCL, United Kingdom

UCL is one of the world’s top-ranked research and teaching institutes for psychology. The department of psychology is enormously conducting research in multiple disciplines such as education, medicine, health, neuroscience, and communication. If you want a psychological degree from the UK, this is the best option.

University of Chicago

The psychology department of this university carries out scientific studies beyond conventional boundaries and is known for the provision of scholarship. The department has a diverse range of laboratories, academic collaboration, and training in specific fields. So, if you are somewhere near Illinois or coming to States for study, this option is remarkable.

Harvard University

Emerged in the 1800s, the subject of psychology is deeply rooted in the University. The Chronicle of Higher Education prints a survey placing Harvard as top amongst scholarly productivity of its psychology faculty.

Yale University

This University’s graduate, undergraduate and doctoral programs in psychology grant bright opportunities in key research areas such as clinical, cognitive and neurosciences.

University of Michigan

Psychology is one of the top departments of this university due to faculty, programs, and people. The faculty has earned a reputation for its vast scientific knowledge and the programs that have outstanding contributions in pioneering classroom education and ground-breaking experimental learning.

University of California

This is also a good option as the department undertakes research in many areas of psychology. The doctoral students of this university are now part of academia and business such as Google and leading universities in the US as Stanford.

University of British Columbia, Canada

In Canada, this university has the best psychology department and the future of psychology research and innovation. So if you have Canada as your dream destination for higher studies in psychology, Consider UBC as the leading one.

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